LERIS Media provides full video production services.

We script, cast actors, set design, film, edit and provide video promotion services to attach social media support and website optimization to take full advantage of your video.

We used to make the recommendation to our clients that they always use a graphic image for most of their social media posts. Now, video content is expected. While you shouldn’t use them All the time, you definitely want to include them on a regular basis. Yes, phone videos are useful and expedient, but there are times when a professional video is appropriate.

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  • Video PSAs
  • Video Testimonials
  • Event Coverage
  • Live Streaming Campaigns
  • Commercials
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LERIS Media scripted, directed and edited the Eat Right – Long Life, National Nutrition Month #Choose2BHealthy PSA’s for the Center for Disease Control (CDC)’s Partnering 4 Health Program. The PSA’s are being shown on television stations throughout the state of Louisiana. They have been promoted through the national press and within social media campaigns that have reached 190 media outlets!

LERIS Media Live Stream services are combined with a social media campaign that includes pre-event social media promotions, on-site live streaming to Facebook and YouTube, and post event video editing.


We offer video highlights of your event with keynote speaker snippets, testimonials and company branding. Plus, teaser videos to market your next event!

Program Spotlight for Perry School Gala

Sisters 4 Sisters Network Inc. Introductory Video

LERIS Media provides production management assistance on television, film and video projects.  We produced television shows: Sidebar with Lisa Bass, All Points of View with Vic Christian, Deconstruction, The End Game; and corporate videos for online viewing.

“Discarded” The Play Promotional Teaser

The End Game with JC Rademas, Season 2, Episode 1, Seg. 3

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